Chloe Lula

San Francisco-born, Berlin-based artist Chloe Lula has been involved with the electronic music scene for more than a decade, helming record labels and throwing parties for years before beginning to DJ. She started producing her first live sets in 2019, when she completed a month-long artist residency with Drew McDowall of Coil. The experience ignited her confidence in composition and allowed her to combine her classical cello training with electronics, melding granular synthesis with acoustic riffs and metallic percussion to create an alloyed brand of droned-out industrial electronica. Many of these jams ended up becoming the tracks on her debut EP with aufnahme + wiedergabe in spring 2020.

As a DJ, Chloe has played at Berghain, Tresor, Khidi, Movement weekend in Detroit, and countless clubs, festivals, and DIY parties across Europe and North America. She’s performed regularly alongside artists like Silent Servant, DJ Hell, UVB, Ancient Methods, Kangding Ray, and Thomas P Heckmann, becoming known for atmospheric sets that dig deep into the niche recesses of electro, wave, industrial, techno, and spun-out breaks. In addition to her career as a musician, she is also the Managing Editor of Resident Advisor, the Critical Beats columnist at The Wire magazine, and a selector for her monthly radio show on Refuge Worldwide, where she also produces panels and radio documentaries.