Claudio PRC

Creating sonic bridges from the literal, perceivable world into mythical, imaginal realms is what Sardinian-born and Berlin-based DJ and Producer Claudio PRC might be best known for.

Since appearing in the Italian deep techno scene in 2006, he has developed an immersive sound world inspired by a fascination with Detroit techno and electroacoustics. By studying Music and New Technologies, he gained sonic and tonal combination skills – this, paired with a conscious, philosophical approach, has led him to create a distinct sound. A sound that understands electronic music through a cyclical, cosmic lens.

Instead of using extravertive elements, he enhances the overall experience through a wide-screen appeal, playing with spatial awareness through details and taking the audience on a journey into the all-or-nothing of sound.
Following the first album “Inner State” on Prologue Music in 2012, Claudio released long players on Semantica Records and his co-founded label, TGP (The Gods Planet). An undeniably profound connection to the island of Sardinia is palpable in all of his works. It surfaces through
the relationship with his home base collective Basstation in Cagliari or the appearance of oceanic references in his music like in his most recent, well-received EP “Challenger Deep” on the dutch label Delsin Records (2022).

In 2020, Claudio founded 012, a platform for art and sound research. 012 is a canvas to live the unconstrained and interconnected nature of artistic vision. Next to being a label showcasing collaborative work, it is also a curated night held at several clubs across Europe. Collaborations
include closely connected artists such as Luigi Tozzi or, more recently, Blazej Malinowski. Over the years, he created a flourishing ecosystem of artists and producers and invites them to join 012 or to his ambient-explorative radio show Deepartment. The combination of audio and visual experiences is as important as the connection between the real and the imaginal in Claudio’s work. One apparent example was his performance “From the nebular stars to the mosses on the granite rocks” during Berlin Art Week in 2015.

Like in everything he does, a Claudio PRC DJ set is a meticulously sewn journey. This makes him a key protagonist in the emerging world of hypnotic techno, playing regularly at an international level at the most reputable festivals and clubs. Resident DJ at Prague’s Ankali, from 2023 on Claudio PRC is holding a residency at Berlin’s long-standing Techno institution