Natascha Kann

Ruhr Area-born Natascha Kann has risen fast on the scene, since 2016 she is a resident at Berlin landmark club ://about blank. Her music – just like her technique – is sharp and clear. Like all skilled DJs she knows that when you interact with an audience, the selection changes and the element of “give and take” suddenly enters. There she is in the moment, following her instinct. Less thinking, more doing. It is always a powerful moment for this raver turned DJ seeing the dancers respond to her selection.

Natascha breaks down her style as “pushy house music and groovy techno”: four-to-the-floor might be the main skeleton but breaks and electro play a big part, as does acid and techno too. She likes to be on the edge, moving freely between genres. Naturally drawn to tracks with thick density and deep subs – swinging stuff to create that specific groove she mentions. Natascha also has a weakness for standout vocals, making sure to provide human warmth in sets; connecting to her early music memories; influences from a wide variety of artists she today brings into the mix; letting you hear she is unafraid of fusing styles and taking risks.

Natascha Kann continues to explore and hone her craft, making waves while at the same time nurturing her passion for dance music, digging deeper and carving out a unique space for herself as an artist. Her touring schedule keeps her busy, but she hints without letting the outside world interfere too much with her creative process, that she makes sure to have enough playtime to experiment in the studio, carefully unfolding what her next step as an artist will be.