Nick V

Manchester born Nick V was living in the Northern England city in his formative years during the rise and subsequent explosion of Acid House music in the UK, a period of his life which laid the foundations for what has now become a fruitful career across the past three decades in electronic music. 1987 saw Nick relocate to Paris with an in-depth knowledge of the House music sound that was soon set to resonate across the globe. This fundamental education in electronic music allowed him to share his experiences of House music in his new home, carrying the torch for an emotional connection through dance music and contributing towards the then blossoming scene in Paris with his own ideas, events and DJ sets.

Since his arrival in France back at the tail end of the 80’s Nick has become an integral part of the Parisian scene, holding many residencies over the years at some of the cities most respected clubs and showcasing his broad spectrum of styles, as a DJ, record collector and crate digger. Nick’s sound traverses through Disco, Deep Techno, Broken Beat, Boogie and Dance Floor Jazz whilst keeping House music at the core of everything he does. His Mona

events, which he describes as a ‘’dance culture party’’ and has been running since 2008, exploring the relationship between dance and electronic music and often welcomes a wide array of guests. Offering free dance classes at the beginning of the party it often sees dance enthusiasts sharing the floor with house music heads and the event has long celebrated the LGBTQ scene, catering for the Parisian community and encouraging alternative dances such as voguing, waacking and many more which were birthed out of the early disco and house scene in the US.

As well as introducing a more unique experience of dance back to dance floors with Mona, Nick has long been a sound enthusiast and audiophile, working for many years as an architectural acoustics consultant which has undoubtedly played into his desire for the high quality sound you can experience at Mona. Amongst this he’s also heading up the affiliated Mona Musique, a vinyl only imprint which stands as a platform for him to release the authentic house sounds he’s become known for from the likes of Hugo LX and Lea Lisa. 2019’s « House Of Riviera » saw him dig back through his collection of rare Italo House gems released between 1991-1993 and bring them together into a fresh vinyl compilation of unsung classics to be re-discovered. With such an impressive history in House it’s no wonder Nick V has become a highly respected name in contemporary electronic music, with many more exciting projects in the pipeline and a passionate dedication to his work he’ll no doubt remain so for many years to come.