Point G

“Back by popular demand” …this sentence about Point G sums it up : what has been an early career project for DJ Gregory would eventually turn into a worldwide success. Having gained respect from the underground scene in the mid-90’s with only a handful of cult 12 inches, Point G was brought back to life in 2013 and took to a new level thanks to a visionary sense of music and creativity.

Point G started in 1997 at a time when Gregory Darsa was still doing his first steps as a producer and still searching what would be his sound. Opposite to the flamboyant standards of the French Touch era “The Raw EP” was perfectly bearing its name focusing on rough, stripped down and shuffled beats playing across groovy bass lines. When DJ Yellow first heard the tracks, he pressed Darsa to release them on his own Yellow Productions. The next releases didn’t wait too long as “On The Raw Again” and “Breaks Vol.1” were out in 1998. But by then, DJ Gregory had already taken the lead in Darsa’s career and he left there his work with Point G, being “stoner and beginner’s tracks” to him. However, some cuts earned a growing popularity by themselves, championed by artists as diverse as Zip, Dan Ghenacia, D’Julz, Loco Dice or Joe Claussell. And as the original releases were becoming harder to find

over the years, they finally turned into highly sought after records.

In 2012, the demand had grown so huge that Gregory Darsa accepted to repress some of his work as Point G. The after-hours favorite “Underwater” was licensed by Ghenacia to his newly created Apollonia venture and an unreleased mix of the classic “Chicken Coma” was released by Franck Roger on Real Tone. Using that opportunity to achieve a goal he had since years, he decided to get back to the clubs in 2013 with a live set focusing on the energy and developed around an intuitive jam of stems and samples. Upon his new material and satisfied by the strong receptions he had Darsa set up a Point G record label. Releasing a dozen of new EPs over 4 years it finally lead to “The Point G Experience” a compilation album putting up together all of the moniker’s highlights in 2017. So far, both efforts were crowned with success as Point G live set toured extensively around the globe and Darsa achieved to connect his music to broader and younger audiences. If the core of his work stays true to the instinctive sound of the first releases, yet one can really feel that Darsa had flourished as an outstanding artist since the 90’s. Holding the same minimalistic vibe, the new tracks are gilded with a subtle sound approach giving a contemporary dimension to the project.

While still keeping himself very inspired and aware of the current vibes, Gregory Darsa might be one of the only artist perfectly bridging gaps between generations and genres – from Tommy Musto to Traumer. Always staying creative, having thousands of ideas in mind he will surely continue to amaze the crowds and keep us excited over his upcoming projects as Point G.