Tatyana Jane

From her home in Paris, Tatyana Jane is bringing a dynamic, no boundaries style of DJing to the best dancefloors and airwaves around. You might hear underground Chicago house next to hip-hop classics, amapiano, drum & bass or sunkissed slow jams.
Growing up in a Cameroonian family full of musicians and music lovers, Tatyana was exposed to a wide range of sound and dance from an early age. It wasn’t long before she was experimenting herself.
Making music came first. Tatyana is busy developing her emotive, sometimes nostalgic, breaks-driven sound. She’s finding her own path as a musician, with a string of releases and remixes in the pipeline. DJing came next. Tatyana was an instant natural in the booth, commanding the narrative with guile and boldly throwing surprises into the mix. She’s as comfortable chopping between genres at breakneck speed as she is mining a deep, hypnotic groove. As word of Tatyana Jane spreads, she’s staying true to herself and bringing a good time to everywhere her music takes her.